More Than Just Cool – Bond Moves Get You the Golden Gun



A lock-cutting laser, code unscramble-er, and a camera to photo secret reports. Is this the new telephone from Verizon? No this is one of the many apparatuses you get in 007 Agent Under Fire.


From secretive government operative based activity to adrenaline driving (carrying the Need for Speed motor to our screens) and on-rails shooting. Bond uses a full stockpile of Q-lab weapons, devices and rides that we as a whole generally expected and request in a Bond game. Also, we can’t have a Bond anything without the delightful ladies he runs into. Essentially this time she accomplishes more than go about as an affection interest.


We have seen a great deal of Bond games emerge since Goldeneye was delivered. The distinction here is this is a unique storyline. In this establishment, the sovereigns’ best gets together with a female CIA employable to prevent a malicious association from cloning the world’s chiefs, killing them, and supplanting them with fiendish 5.56 ammo for sale hereditary twins.


The 12 essential levels in the game are easy to overcome, however there are those great bond moves that should be possible all through the levels. What are they, beside devilish cool looking? Pulling off most or all of the Bond moves in each level will give you enough focuses to acquire an award toward the finish of that course. For instance: Acquiring 50,000 focuses on level one gets you a gold decoration that will open extraordinary things like the Golden Gun (ONE SHOT KILL BABY!) and procuring a platinum award will open up additional items, for example, extra multiplayer maps.

007 Agent Under Fire bond moves are like Nightfire bond moves both in their trouble and cheat awards for achieving them.


Here are what should be done to get the sought after enhancers and cheats in the single player crusade. If you have any desire to see the cheats for the multiplayer content and more make certain to look at 007 Agent Under Fire at []


Brilliant clasp power-up:

Effectively complete the Cold Reception level with a “Gold” rank.

Brilliant projectile enhancer:

Effectively complete the Night Of The Jackal level with a “Gold” rank.

Brilliant shot power-up:

Effectively complete the Poseidon level with a “Gold” rank.

Brilliant reinforcement power-up:

Effectively complete the Forbidden Depths level with a “Gold” rank.

Limitless Golden firearm ammo:

Effectively complete the Evil Summit level with a “Gold” rank.

Limitless vehicle rockets:

Effectively complete the Dangerous Pursuit level with a “Gold” rank.

Quick fire power-up:

Effectively complete the Fire And Water level with a “Gold” rank.

Regenerative reinforcement power-up:

Effectively complete the Mediterranean Crisis level with a “Gold” rank.


Swindles like this are perfect to have. Particularly when you need to return and replay a portion of the harder levels that gave you issues previously. Something about utilizing a rocket launcher rather than a gun generally encourages me.

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